Tae Kim

Tae is a senior technology writer at Barron’s.

Prior to this role, he was the U.S. technology columnist at Bloomberg Opinion. Before that, he covered equities and markets as an investing journalist for CNBC Digital and was an online editor at Yahoo Finance. He also previously worked as an investment analyst at a multi-billion dollar technology hedge fund, a fund of funds and began his career as a management consultant.

Tae is an avid early adopter of technology gadgets, enjoys playing video games and rooting for the Yankees. He graduated from Brown University with a degree in history.

Email: tae.kim@barrons dot com

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Selected Writing

6/29/22 – Intel Should Slash Its Dividend. The Chip Maker’s Future May Depend on It.
6/9/22 – Intel’s Problems Haven’t Gone Away
6/3/22 – This VC Firm Thrived Through the Dot-Com Crash. What It’s Doing Now.
5/18/22 – Amazon Stock Plunges in Wake of Target, Walmart Debacles. This Is Why.
5/16/22 – Tech Stocks Have Fallen Hard. What Could Make Them Drop Even More.
5/6/22 – Tech Is Getting Crushed. 2 Stocks to Buy Amid the Wreckage.
5/2/22 – Jeff Bezos Is Worried About Tech Valuations, and It’s Weighing on Amazon Stock
4/21/22 – Nvidia Could Be Big Tech’s Next Casualty. Evidence Is Piling Up.

Bloomberg Opinion Columns
2/24/22 – Coinbase Needs More Than a Bitcoin Giveaway
2/17/22 – High-Yield Crypto Accounts Put Investors at Risk
2/3/22 – Amazon Prime Increase Won’t Solve E-Commerce Struggles
12/16/21 – The Crypto Market Pullback is Far From Over
12/7/21 – Mobileye Listing Won’t Solve Intel’s Core Problems
11/23/21 – For Best Buy, the Worst Is Yet to Come
11/9/21 – Roblox Investors Could Be Playing a Dangerous Game
10/4/21 – Is America’s Biggest Video Game Maker Losing Its Magic?
9/22/21 – Twitter’s Business Reboot Is Off to a Troubling Start
8/6/21 – Who Will Win the Metaverse? Not Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook
8/2/21 – Square Is Paying $29 Billion for This?
7/9/21 – Peak PC? Pandemic Sales Boom Is Set to Expire
6/23/21 – Amazon Is Cagey About the Primeness of Prime Day
5/21/21 – Apple Trial Delivers an Epic Surprise
5/18/21 – Ransomware Threats Are Everywhere. Here’s How to Fight Back
4/27/21 – Google’s Ad Resurgence Is Just Getting Started
3/22/21 – AMD’s Latest Chips Set the Stage for a Stellar Year
2/25/21 – Twitter’s Moment in the Sun Won’t Last
2/10/21 – What If GameStop Actually Thrives After the Gamestonk Saga?
12/1/20 – Salesforce’s Splashy Slack Deal Isn’t Worth the Risk
11/20/20 – Roblox Shows Why It’s the Hottest Game, and IPO, Around
11/16/20 – Airbnb’s Covid Comeback Is a Compelling IPO Pitch
11/13/20 – DoorDash Is Trouncing Its Rivals, and That’s Just the Start
11/11/20 – PlayStation Dominates Xbox and Will for Years to Come
10/27/20 – AMD Is Officially Leaving Intel in the Dust
9/13/20 – Nvidia-Arm $40 Billion Deal Will Upend Entire Chip Industry
9/10/20 – Microsoft’s Xbox Game Plan Has Big Problems
9/1/20 – Nvidia’s Latest Chips Are a Literal Game Changer
8/13/20 – TikTok and WeChat Expose Big Tech’s Lack of Innovation
7/29/20 – Google’s Search Dominance Deserves Hot-Seat Scrutiny
7/22/20 – TikTok Ban Would Leave a Giant Social-Media Hole
7/8/20 – Meet Donald Trump’s New Political Football: TikTok
6/24/20 – Big Tech Isn’t the Only Loser in Trump’s Visa Freeze
6/22/20 – Apple Can’t Ignore Antitrust Outcry. Here’s a Game Plan.
6/15/20 – Amazon Faces a Sharp Challenge From Walmart and Shopify
6/12/20 – Intel Loses a Chip Wizard at the Worst Possible Time
6/9/20 – Apple’s Mac Chip Switch Is Double Trouble for Intel
6/3/20 – Zoom’s Boom Pokes Holes in the Big-Tech ‘Borg’ Narrative
5/8/20 – Amazon’s Empire Is Vulnerable to ‘Rebel’ Incursions
5/7/20 – Fortnite Pandemic Rap Fest Shows Future of Gaming
4/6/20 – Yes, Zoom ‘Messed Up,’ But It’s Not the Villain
3/31/20 – Slack and Zoom Seize the Day, But Will They Stick?
3/26/20 – Animal Crossing Is Nintendo’s Gift to a Corona-Weary World
3/25/20 – Nvidia’s Biggest Pleasant Surprise May Be Yet to Come

Annual Ideas
2021 – Performance +47%, +18% alpha. Nvidia, Sony, Okta
2020 – Performance +95%, +81% alpha. Activision Blizzard, Smartsheet, Datadog, TSMC
2019 – Performance +35%, +9% alpha. AMD, Alphabet, PayPal, Grubhub
2016 – Performance +81%, +62% alpha. Nvidia, Time Warner, Take-Two, Fitbit

Barron’s Magazine Tech Trader Columns / Features
2/21/20 – Virgin Galactic Stock Is Skyrocketing. It’s Just Hype
1/31/20 – AMD Stock Has Soared but 2020 Could Bring New Challenges
1/24/20 – ‘The Witcher’ Is Now Netflix’s Most Important Show. Here’s Why It’s a Game-Changer
1/17/20 – Casper’s IPO Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Tech’s Promise and Its Troubles
1/3/20 – Tech Companies Gave Consumers Great Bargains. That Free Ride Is About to End.
12/27/19 – 4 Stocks to Play 2020’s Most Important Tech Trends
12/20/19 – We Chose AMD and Other Tech Stocks to Win 2019. Here’s How Our Picks Did
11/22/19 – ‘Kubernetes’ Is the Future of Computing. That’s Bad News for One Stock
11/8/19 – Uber’s CEO Wants the Company to Be Magical. The Market Just Wants Profits.
10/25/19 – There’s an Ominous Message Coming From Tech Earnings
10/18/19 – Corporate Tech Buyers Are Cutting Back
10/11/19 – The Next Videogame Cycle Is About to Begin
10/4/19 – The Tech Stock That Apple, AMD, and Nvidia Can’t Do Without
10/4/19 – The Real 5G Winner Could Be China
9/27/19 – The IPO Selloff Has Created At Least One Buying Opportunity: Slack
9/13/19 – Wall Street Is in Love with Apple TV+. Why Consumers Won’t Be
8/30/19 – Activision Is Making Great Games Once Again. That’s Good News for Its Depressed Stock 
8/23/19 – Roku is Winning the TV Streaming War
8/21/19 – ‘Big Short’ Investor Michael Burry Is Now Going Long on GameStop
8/16/19 – The Trade War Is Finally Hitting Tech Stocks
8/9/19 – 4 Tech Stocks That Can Beat Expectations
8/2/19 – The Risks to Apple Are Rising
7/26/19 – Why Investors Shouldn’t Overreact to the DOJ’s Antitrust Review of Big Tech
7/19/19 – Here’s Why Netflix’s Problems Have Only Just Begun
7/5/19 – Amazon Isn’t a Monopoly Yet. Just Look at the Stunning Growth of Shopify
6/28/19 – Microsoft and Amazon Pull Away in a Survey of Big Tech Spenders
6/14/19 – World’s Best CEOs 2019: How Lisa Su Engineered a Stunning Turnaround at Chip Maker AMD

6/7/19 – Weighing the Antitrust Case Against Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook
5/31/19 – Chip Stocks Have Far More Than Tariffs to Worry About
5/17/19 – Buy Take-Two Interactive Stock Because the Next Grand Theft Auto Is Coming
5/3/19 – Alphabet Needs a New Plan to Get the Stock Going Again. We Have Some Ideas
4/26/19 – Zoom Video IPO Shows That Crazy Bubbles Still Exist
4/19/19 – Intel Won’t Be in the 5G iPhone, So Why Are Investors So Thrilled?
4/12/19 – Why ‘Loot Boxes’ May Unlock Trouble for the Videogame Industry
3/29/19 – What Is Apple So Afraid Of?
3/27/19 – Podcast: Google’s Big Bet on Gaming (podcast follow-up)
3/22/19 – Google Jumps Into Gaming; Take Profits on Apple’s Surge
3/8/19 – Intel’s New Talent Offers Hope For the Stock
2/22/19 – Nvidia’s Investment Case Gets Blurry
2/8/19 – Star Stockpicker Steve Mandel Exits the Hedge Fund Stage
2/8/19 – AT&T’s 5G Act Is Bad for Consumers and Investors
2/1/19 – The Best Tech Products Will Overcome Volatile Times
1/25/19 – Software Stocks Can Work In Good or Bad Times
1/18/19 – Electronic Arts and Activision Are Struggling to Survive a Fortnite World
1/11/19 – Apple’s Next Big Move? It Should Buy Nintendo
1/9/19 – Podcast: Apple’s Next Act (podcast follow-up)
1/4/19 – Why There’s Still Plenty of Value in Apple’s Core (follow-up)
12/21/18 – Why the Worst May Not Be Over for Tech Stocks
12/14/18 – How to Play Tech’s Top 3 Themes for 2019
12/7/18 – Arms Merchant For Anti-Amazon Sellers
11/30/18 – How Microsoft Beat Out Apple and Became the World’s Most Valuable Company
11/17/18 – Apple Stock Could Keep Falling. Here’s Why
11/3/18 – With Red Hat, IBM Makes a Big Cloud Promise. The Reality Is Far More Hazy.
10/26/18 – Forget Amazon and Google. Chip Stocks Are the Problem.

Barron’s Magazine Cover Features
5/24/19 – How Mastercard, Visa and PayPal Are Beating the Tech Giants at Their Own Game
11/23/18 – Where to invest after the FAANGs’ trillion-dollar meltdown

Other Barron’s Online Features
1/24/20 – Casper Is Getting IPO Buzz, but Rival Purple Is Selling ‘Every Bed We Can Make,’ CEO Says
11/13/19 – Disney+ Needs a Smash Hit. ‘The Mandalorian’ Star Wars Series Just Might Be It.
11/4/19 – Intel’s CFO Talks About the AMD Threat, Chip Profits, and the Future of AI (CFO interview)
10/31/19 – China’s 5G Networks Go Live Today. It Could Be Bad News for Apple
10/29/19 – Here’s How Microsoft Azure Is Winning the Cloud War, According to Its CTO (CTO interview)
10/24/19 – Don’t Trust Tesla Stock’s Big Move. Here’s Why.
9/18/19 – Shopify Is Now a Major Player in E-Commerce. Here’s How It Happened (COO interview)
8/19/19 – This Year’s Tech IPOs Are About to Face a Big Test
6/18/19 – AMD Chief Lisa Su on Competing With Intel (CEO interview)
5/29/19 – Visa CEO Al Kelly on Why He’s Not Afraid of Big Tech (CEO interview)
5/1/19 – AMD Chief Lisa Su on New Chips, Cloud Gaming, and M&A
3/28/19 – Tech Investor Is Afraid Apple May Be Losing Its Innovation DNA
2/12/19 – EA Paid Twitch Gamers to Battle Back Against Fortnite
1/30/19 – As AMD Stock Soars, CEO Says Its ‘Superior’ Chips Will Win in 2019 (CEO interview)
11/7/18 – AMD Chief Lisa Su Aims to Take Massive Market Share From Intel (CEO interview)
11/6/18 – Amazon’s Reported Plan to Split HQ2 Raises More Criticism
10/25/18 – AMD Chief Lisa Su Says the Trade War Is an Opportunity (CEO Interview)
10/23/18 – The Netflix Stock Rally Has Stalled. Here’s Why

CNBC Digital Commentary Columns
1/22/18 – AMD, Nvidia must do more to stop cryptominers from causing PC gaming card shortages, price gouging
1/5/18 – AMD is big winner from chip flaw fiasco as more than $11 billion in Intel stock value is wiped out
12/21/17 – Indefensible: Hedge fund tax loophole shows ‘swamp’ still rules over Washington, D.C.
12/15/17 – Seth Klarman calls bitcoin a ‘trading sardine,’ others say ‘speculative mania’ — They are right
11/28/17 – EA’s day of reckoning is here after ‘Star Wars’ game uproar, $3 billion in stock value wiped out
11/21/17 – DOJ’s lawsuit to sink AT&T-Time Warner deal is shortsighted in age of Amazon, Netflix

CNBC Digital
10/5/18 – Experts — including Warren Buffett — say short selling can be beneficial for markets
9/27/18 – Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods to affect some AMD and Nvidia gaming graphics cards
9/19/18 – As investors chase pot stocks rally, some show caution: ‘This is just stupid time’
3/15/18 – ‘Fortnite’ is becoming biggest game on internet, surpassing ‘Minecraft.’
6/5/17 – Digital currency ‘mining’ is boosting demand for AMD’s graphics cards
5/11/17 – Here’s why Snap shares may be down in the dumps through summer
2/22/17 – In IPO roadshow, Snap CEO blamed slowing growth on cheap Android phones
4/29/16 – Short seller Gotham City targets MDC Partners, sees $1 value

Yahoo Finance Audiocasts
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